Limit Switch

Quifer Actuators has an experience than more of 25 years manufacturing actuators and limit switches for position indication. QUIFER ACTUATORS, manufacture 2 different kinds of limit switch , one with inductive sensors and the other one with electromechanical switches.

The limit switch designation are the following:
CFC-DI -Limit switch with Inductive Sensors
CFC-MM -Limit switch with electromechanical switches.


QUIFER ACTUATORS SL. Is not known only for its products. We also have a wide variety of brackets and insert to couple all kind of actuators and valves. They are available in stainless and carbon steel. We are also able to design and make special assemblies according to our costumers request. QUIFER ACTUATORS can supply all necessary for your instalation, as a filter regulator, gauge, tubing, fittings, lock box, solenoide valves, quick exhaust, tanks, …