General Description

Pneumatic rack and pinion actuators QUIFER are in the market for more than 40 years. These actuators are popular for their high resistance and durability and, in consequence, the reduction of the maintenance cost in the production lines. For that reason, our actuators are used in the more exigent markets and environments like oil and gas, offshore platforms or vessels.
The linking surfaces of the actuators are designed according ISO 5211 and VDI/VDE 3845. Design of the actuator is constructed according ISO9001:2008, IEC 61508:2010, LOM 05ATEX6032and European Pressure Equipments Directive 97/23/EC 3.10


Standard Actuator Scope

Double Acting Spring Return
Torques: 5000 Nm 1800 Nm
Working pressure: 1 to 10 bar 3 to 10 bar
Air supply: Air or non corrosive gas
Working temperature: From -20 to +80ºC
Rotation: 90 degrees Anticlockwise in opening
Adjustments: +/- 2,5ºC to open +/-2,5ºC to close
Lubrication: Actuators lubricated for life



Technical Data

 Linking surfaces according ISO 5211 and VDI/VDE 3845
 Air connections according VDI/VDE 3845
 Drive shaft with square ISO 5211
 All components have high resistance to corrosion
 All models have a double opening and closing regulation from the outside
 Multiple combination springs allow a wide range of torques for one model
 All springs have a preloader, increasing safety
 All models are easily convertible from spring return to double acting and vice versa


 Inner cylinder has been completely honey treated to obtain 0,3 – 0,4 mic. rugosity
 Shaft and pistons are completely machined
 Body and shaft completely hard anodized
 Shaft has an anti-ejection retaining ring
 Double sealing at the top and bottom of the shaft
 Large PTFE sliding guide in the pistons
 Large thickness of the walls of actuator to increase durability
 Electrolytic nickel to the shaft
 Travel stop of the actuators located in the axis of the actuator


 Low temperature versions up to -65ºC
 High temperature up to +180ºC
 Nickel plated actuators
 Stainless Steel drive shaft
 Fast closing time actuators
 Actuators driven with Natural Gas, Sour Gas, Oxygen, etc, etc…
 Adjustable travel stops from 0º to 90º
 180ºC rack and pinion actuators
 180º 3 phase actuators
 90º RPC actuators
 Special coating for high corrosive environments
 O-rings and spring repair kits
 Complete package with control valves, solenoid valves, air tanks and accessories

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