General Description

Quifer Actuators KEH series go a step forward to the quarter turn Automation valves market. These electro hydraulic actuators are a safety and compact solution due to their new housing design where there is no need of tubing and hydraulic connections.
These actuators consist in a closed hydraulic loop driven by a motor and hydraulic pump that throught electric and hydraulic devices guide the oil to the desired position. In case of fail of the power supply the actuator will move automatically to the safe position.
The KEH series is defined by a spring return pneumatic actuator with on/off and modular applications and is designed according ISO 5211.
There is also the explosion proof version with these actuators that allow them to be located in hazardous areas classified Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22.
The multiple options that the KEH allow to the customer to be able to size the actuator at his own needs adding more or less safety or control options
The range of the KEH products is so wide because use the standard rack and pinion pneumatic actuators KPM series that after few modifications can work with hydraulic oil and can arrive to torques up to 1800 Nm and also these units can be available for the scotch yoke actuators with torques up to 50.000 Nm.
Power supply can be under request and cover all the electrical scope (from 12 VDC to 400 VAC) and the local control of the actuator is always 24 VDC as standard.
For these reasons: safety, functionality, customization and the regular services of Quifer Actuators, the new electro hydraulic KEH series is an important and trustable option in the electro hydraulic actuators field.

Standard Actuator Scope

Rack and Pinion KEH Scotch Yoke KSYEH
Torques: 2.000 Nm 50.000 Nm
Working pressure: 6 to 10 bar 100 to 150 bar
Supply: Hydraulic Oil
Working temperature: From -20 to +80ºC
Rotation: 90 degrees Anticlockwise in opening
Adjustments: +/- 5ºC to open +/- 5ºC to close
Lubrication: Actuators lubricated for life

Technical Data

  Single acting actuators failure to fail position
  Single acting actuators failure to fail position

  Sutiable for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22

Hydraulic oil working fluid ISO viscosity grade 18
Control box as standard 24 VDC or 110 VAC

Anodyzed aluminum actuator body

Nitrile seals as standard
Main case painted in Ral 1017

IP 66 protection


Low temperature application
High temperature application
Local panel with buttons or selector switch
4-20 mA modular drive
Manual gearbox or manual hand pump

24VCD motor
Available with Scotch Yoke actuators
Fast closing time
Special coating for corrosive environments

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