Gear Boxes

Quifer Actuators is also manufacturer of manual gearboxes. The gearboxes are high performance with high efficiency and constructed with nodular ductile iron. Our range of products is: RK Series, RKS Series, RKE Series.


Standard Actuator Scope

Double Acting Spring Return
Min Max Output Torques: 450 Nm 6.000 Nm
Working pressure: 50 to 200 bar
Supply: Hydraulic Oil
Working temperature: From -20 to +80ºC
Rotation: Anticlockwise in opening
Adjustments: +/- 5ºC to open +/- 5ºC to close
Lubrication: Gearboxes lubricated for life


Technical Data:

  All components have high resistance to corrosion
  Material of cast iron made of nodular ductile iron GGG-70/40/25
  Black Polyurethane coat as standard
  IP 67 protection degree



 Low temperature versions up to -60ºC
 High temperature up to +180ºC
 Available for marine version with stainless steel shaft and drive shaft
 Adjustable travel stops from 0º to 90º
 Customized gearboxes


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